3 Unexpected Benefits of Sharing Space

Sharing space saves money (or generates money, if you are the one renting out space!).

Did you know there are unexpected additional benefits when it comes to opening doors and expanding the use of space  to include a variety of activities?

1. You become more adventurous

The sharing economy has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade but there is still significant resistance when it comes to sharing our possessions with strangers. By participating in the sharing of space you are being open to possibilities. Remember when your friend told the story of staying at an AirBnB where the host made a delicious local meal or took your friend to a nearby pub that only the locals knew about?

Whether you are the Renter or the Lister, sharing space undoubtedly opens the doors to more experiences and adventures.

2. You become a little less lonely.

In today's world where 1 in 3 people struggle with mental health, anything we can do to turn that around should be explored. Loneliness is a very high ranking factor that contributes to mental health concerns. Sharing space creates new interactions with new faces. It provides opportunity for business to unfold, friendships to foster and relationships to reveal themselves.

3. You create a secondary customer base for your brand

When someone books your space for an event, their guests are not coming to the venue to do business with you. But they could. What better way to reach more people across a variety of demographics than to create a rental space? Just being exposed to your services and your space, and your employees, the wheels will start to turn.

Wouldn't you prefer to do business with someone you had physically met? There is no doubt that face to face interactions foster relationships. These individuals who may not have otherwise known about your services now have a direct link to do business with you. Maybe someone attends a networking event that has been looking for a yoga studio to join. Make someone is attending a workshop being held at a banquet hall and they need a venue for their wedding.

upSpace exists to enable the sharing of commercial space for short term rental. Our values of sustainability, connection and community drive every decision we make. We never want space to be a barrier to connecting.

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