5 Things You can Do to Get More Bookings

Your customers want a great space, which is easily accessible, with good amenities and a seamless booking experience. How do you ensure you are top of mind when it comes to finding a space? Here we break down 5 steps to making an effective rental ad.


1. A Picture is Worth A THOUSAND Words

Would you put up a Tinder profile with no pictures? How about a house for sale with no pictures? We didn't think so. Pictures are a non-negotiable when it comes to finding a space. When creating your listing make sure to:

  • Upload at least three pictures of the space - more if you have a large venue!
  • Use professional photos whenever possible
  • Have pictures of the space empty and pictures of the space with people - it helps people to see how the space could potentially be used!
  • If you have a particularly large space, consider using video or 3D tours to give customers a better view of the space


2. Think about what makes your place special - and TELL PEOPLE!

The description field is a flexible field for your use. Take advantage of this. Generic text such as "Great studio in downtown Ottawa" does not maximize customer interest. We provide a spot to disclose location - so don't waste precious space on that. Instead focus on what sets you apart. Try headlines like:

"Bright studio, fully equipped- w/e bookings available,"

...tells the user much more about the space.


3. Be responsive

Respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Customers want to see that you are engaged and responsive and interested in helping with the event.


4. Set reasonable rates

Keep in mind why you listed your space when setting the hourly or daily rate. If the goal is to get customers in the door at a time when you are typically slow, asking for a rate that is less than the usual rate is still incremental income. Of course, don't forget to cover your fixed costs. Just keep in mind the extra long term value associated with more people knowing about the space!


5. Share with your network!

Now that you've created the perfect listing, share it across your social media networks. Mention it in your weekly company newsletter. Make it a conversation starter at your next networking event. Don't let the space sit silent, be your best cheerleader.


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